Freos is Building a Free, Secure and Privacy Based Internet for the World

A new Blockchain company launched in October of 2017 with the mission to create a privacy based internet for the world. It’s called, Freos, and it was founded by committed anarcho-capitalist, Bob Stanley — a technologist with decades of experience in software and emerging technology.

Freos is building on the EOS framework and has amassed a team of dedicated software engineers who share in the mission of a truly free, decentralized internet.

The Problem

We live in a world where the internet has been used as a weapon against humanity. What started out as a free and open network has become a sandbox for government and corporate spying, data mining, identity thieves, malware and more.Worse still, our voices are being suppressed and outright banned by giant tech companies who disagree with our free speech.

The Solution

Freos employs a team specializing in high end server architecture and massive data mining technologies, which gives them a distinct advantage in developing a working solution to our problem. These experts are disgusted by the censorship and control of the individual.

Freos is developing an open source, peer-to-peer blockchain transaction engine for free-market commerce. They are integrating a double blind proxy service to guarantee our anonymity on the web. Freos is also utilizing Onion Routing firewall evasion and an automatic VPN for increased privacy.

They are developing a physical and mobile product called, “The Red Pill” to allow for safe and secure internet access on any device (PC, Mac, Smartphone etc).

They are developing and integrating a secure digital wallet for our cryptocurrency, which only we can access. This enables us to become our own private bank.

Freos is creating a security solution for all of our privacy invading MSS platforms. This means we will have means for ultra secure text, voice and video communication between users globally.

Lastly, Freos is creating an incentive model for individual users and vendors built into the cryptocurrency to reward sharing and use of the platform.

The Freos Red Pill product is not yet ready for global rollout, but will be in the coming weeks. You can learn more and pre-order your Freos Red Pill at