How Eating Green Salad Gives Strong Immunity

Salad is the best form of nutrient rich food. And, green salad works like cherry on the cake, as they contain calcium, potassium, iron, vitamin B and many essential nutrients. Moreover, being high in fiber and low in calories, this is the reason why people add it to their food. Having green salads in Denver, Lakewood, or any other place will definitely complete your healthy diet.

There are many reasons for eating green salad. Let us understand some of key benefits:

Rich in Fiber

Eating fiber lowers the risk of heart diseases and builds a strong immunity. Using vegetables in salad keeps the fiber intact, as these are not soluble. Adding nuts, beans or seeds in it boost the amount of soluble fiber that lowers the cholesterol level of the body. The right intake of fiber in men should be 38 grams and 25 grams in women.

Contains Protein

The main reason behind daily dosage of protein is that our body does not store it. Leafy vegetables complete the food when added in the salads, increasing the source of protein into it. Another good thing about leafy vegetable is that it builds our bone health as they have certain amount of calcium in them.

Nutrient Rich

Mustard and kale are rich in nutrients that prevent colon cancer. Researchers say that higher intake of these vegetables decreases the chance of being detected by this cancer. In Canada, the risk of developing this cancer is approximately around one in every 15 women and one in every 14 men. Next time you visit the best Denver restaurant, or at other place in the USA, add these vegetables to your meal.

Preserve Vision Health

Most of you must be aware about the fact that leafy green vegetable, particularly kale, mustard green and dandelion are good source of zeaxanthin and carotenoids luteins, which help maintain the vision of eye. Further, these decrease the risk of cataracts and discomfort that is usually caused by glare.

Maintains Youthfulness

If you want to stay young and beautiful, start including green salad in your meal. Playing a significant role in the blood clotting, vitamin K also reduces the ageing process. The consequences of not consuming vitamin k are increase in the risk bone fragility, cardiovascular disease, and kidney and artery problems.

Maintains Balance

Minerals are essential to complete a healthy diet. The right amount of magnesium, potassium and iron are required for a healthy body and mind. The chemicals reaction that occurs from these helps maintains the overall fluid in the body.

People are eating salads as their main courses in order to protect their body from various diseases. Green salad increases the overall of value of the food. In fact, green salads in Denver, as a part of the food are used in many renowned restaurants. People are getting wiser when it comes to healthy eating, and are shifting from high calorie based food to less calorie one.