Virtual Reality Therapy: Treating The Global Mental Health Crisis
Virtual Reality


Thanks for bringing this awesome Techcrunch Article to Medium. I wonder why aren’t we discussing this topic. Many of us knowingly or unknowingly are suffering from some kind of stress. A part of which, has occurred to us because of our involvement with technologies, many studies believe. Today, when the same technologies are bringing us a cure, it is time we discuss about it. Psychological Disorders, Stress and Trauma are still nurtured by our Social Stigmas.

Many of Research Havens are actively working on using Virtual Reality to help cure Autism and related disorders. Virtual Reality Therapy coupled with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is doing great to help patients. You can find a list of active research projects and other information on the topic in this article → .

We tried our very best to bring VR Games, Movies and what not to be accessible to the masses. They’ll come eventually but projects like these need to be out first. Treatments like these need to be Accessible and Affordable very soon.


Erlich Stewart.