An exclusive interview to Dave Timson

Apr 22, 2017 · 3 min read

We reached Dave Timson in a rather prolific moment with two works out (The Afterglow ‘SWSS’ and YJYJ’s ‘Hero in’) and Everton having just — temporarily — overtaken Arsenal in the Premier League. Let’s see how he copes

Q Young Dave, how did he approach music? Why did he?

It happened. I ve always been very fragile and vulnerable to music and sounds in general. its like they have a shortcut to my brain. but its the kind of risk you want to take because the reward is so so big. i dont remember exactly when, because i must have been very young, but i know I started playing dozens of records on me dad’s deck, mostly Beethoven and Mozart, and used to imagine I was Von Karajan. I spent so many hours that way every day that my parents took me to therapy (that was just one of the reasons to be true) but I think I got pretty good conducting me fantasy Orchestra.

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Q Would you explain the meaning of The Afterglow album/EPs titles?


Q Beatles vs Stones, Oasis vs Blur. Why are such ‘rivalries’ important in the UK?

Because they made the industry sell even more. Nobody really cared about that imho, and most Oasis fans were Blur fans as well and the same probably happened in the 60s. but that supposed rivalry gave media so many additional reasons to talk about the bands and the bands so many additional reasons to talk about themselves

Q You recently worked with a string quartet and were pretty impressed by the experience. Would you care explaining why?

probably because of the answer to your first question. that kind of sounds, that kind of instruments, applied to my songs. its been just incredible. too much to face for me, I felt sometimes during the recordings.

Q Once upon a time there were wild, young rockstars. Today many of them are decrepit ghosts hanging around for money — but some are actually still kicking arses around. What’s your opinion on this r’n’r senility?

I deeply think anyone should do what they feel its right to do. I just think everyone should care not to seem too silly or ridiculous. Its so very hard to be old and cool, but if you get there then you re just legend. One name ? Keith Richards, who else.

Q Do you fancy jazz music?

does anyone really on earth? i dont think so its just demeanour .

Q How about Classical music?

nothing to add to what I said. sometimes devastating.

Q Why was is it the right time for YJYJ?

because I had time for it. time to rethink, time to elaborate, time to get through It.

Q Vinyl, cd, k7 or mp3?


Q Is Everton ever gonna win the CL?

wow. the Champions League. it sounds so far now. but we will, yes. we re on our way back to big football finally.

Q Your least favourite among The Afterglow songs

any of mik’s. (predictable but It always works)

Q Major or minor?

It changes every five minutes, really couldnt say.

Q How was touring the UK with the band?

very british. rain, grass, junk food, major roadworks, grass, gallons of lager, uh look over there sheeps!, grass, tesco, grass, weed and rock’n’roll. uh and sheeps on the grass again. we didnt miss a single detail of being there and being a fookin good band.

Q God save the Queen? Eventually?

why not. she s one of the best examples of rockstar senility i know!

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