An exclusive Interview to Mik Lennard (The Afterglow)

Let’s have a quick chat with Mik Lennard, guitarist and songwriter of The Afterglow, on occasion of the release of “Things I’ve lost (The Greatest Hints 2004-2017)"

Q It has been a long journey since Deep: would you tell us more about it?
A It has been a path of immense growth, full of satisfactions, disappointments and above all something to believe in.

Q Which is your favourite Afterglow album?
A “Sorry.”

Q Your concept of/for a movie soundtrack
A In this historic moment I would be predisposed to imagine a soundtrack that tells a story where a musician sells music. Something dystonic, then.
Q Major or minor?
A Minor.
Q The Hints 2004-2017: can you please elaborate on it?
A We took the list of all our tunes, we closed our eyes and put the finger at random up to 30.

Q Oasis or R.E.M.?
A Oasis.
Q Mik Lennard in 25 words
A 40% Songwriter, 35% Arranger, 15% Producer, 13% Dickhead, 11% Top-notch in mathematic, 0.9% Sarcastic. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,1.. Boom!
Q Is music still (somehow) the expression of today’s society?
A Yes. In fact we can listen to a lot of shit music.

Q Your favourite composer
A Ennio Morricone.
Q Einstein or Schonberg?
A Probably Schönberg: his genius did not lead to the atomic bomb.
Q Which is your favourite Afterglow song?
A You’ve Been Great, a song I wrote for my dad.
Q The future of music is…?
A A bunch of nerds called “Game Lovers” who will programme a sequencer on a computer pissing in a new bio drink dispenser in order to make money.
Q Your swift judgment on electronic, contemporary, folk, jazz music
A Contemporary music is the genre that has spoken to many with countless merits and many flaws; Folk is fun but really not at all sexy; Jazz is too cerebral, it belongs more to science than to music. Electronic music was horrendous in the 80s, wonderfully well played in the 90s and irritating in the new century.
Q Your favourite band
A Many, including The Afterglow.
Q Racism is innate or acquired? Can music ‘cure’ it?
A Acquired, a child is not racist. And no, I don’t think Music can solve racism. It can just denounce it.