Have you started your marketing plan for the new year? Here’s how to kickstart yours.

As we race towards a strong close to the year, it can be hard to even think about setting aside the time needed to build and vet next years marketing plans. Your team may have just finished the herculean task of delivering on a major launch, or hosting your annual customer event. The last thing they are in the mood for is rolling up their sleeves to consider planning for the new year. However, if you have not already started or are not imminently preparing to start your planning process — you are already behind the eight ball.

A solid…

Five ways marketers can use validation to gain customer insights, improve messaging and boost brand credibility.

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t eaten something they just can’t stand as an act of love (or at least in the name of being polite)?

My brother in law famously ate an iconic lime-pineapple Jell-O mold salad at family gatherings for years before sharing that he really didn’t care for it only to discover that my mother in law made it because she believed it was a favorite of his!

My kids live on the other end of the spectrum. Yelp reviewers…

When your business is new most people don’t know who you are or what you do. Telling the story of your company — no matter if you’re the founder, CEO or an employee — is always an exciting opportunity. Building your story, putting it all together in a way that makes sense for your audience, and nailing the delivery is hard work.

Last week, I attended Vator Splash Oakland and watched eight early-stage startup entrepreneurs — Wonderspark, BrightHub, Thesis Couture, ShowKit, Countable, ShareRoot, CrowdStreet, and Cloudstead — take five minutes each to pitch their stories to a panel of Bay…

By: Anne O’Neill, Principal and Co-founder

Getting the right levels of security, in the right places, at the right price is a challenge many business owners face. As a small business owner and someone who’s spent many years bringing leading security products to market, I know how important it is to find security solutions that meet your needs, your budget, and that are easy to set up and maintain.

Last week, I talked about cyber security for small businesses with a group of women business owners in San Francisco. They are all too familiar with the dangers posed by hackers…

By: Andy Singer, Principal and Co-founder

Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Apple…when most of us think of these iconic global brands, we think of their multi-million dollar ad campaigns, clever tag lines, and established logos. It can feel like these businesses operate in a galaxy that is far away from our own.

Regardless of your marketing budget, or company size, there’s an important element of brand that all businesses should think about every day – and that’s the experience that your prospects, customers, and employees have with your brand.

Businesses don’t need to be big to develop a compelling brand. We recently attended…

By: Andy Singer, Principal and Co-founder

To independent business owners, marketing and advertising sound like things that only much larger businesses have to worry about. Building relationships should be the goal of any marketing or advertising campaign. And freelancers and independent contractors know that the success of their business as a whole depends on the success of their relationships with individual clients. Applying marketing strategies to help you locate, connect with and acquire customers – is part of the foundation for building relationships for any size business.

Here’s a look at what independent business owners can do from day one…

By: Anne O’Neill, Principal and Co-founder

Research reports are often used as a marketing tool to pique the interest of enterprise buyers and get new contacts. Too often marketers end up publishing research findings that offer facts that are interesting but don’t engage customers. Challenge your teams to use research findings in a way that helps customers think differently about their business the application of your products and services.

Since launching Ignyte, Andy and I have had a number of conversations with businesses that are interested in growing by going up-market – selling larger, more strategic deals, to bigger businesses…

By: Anne O’Neill, Principal and Co-founder

October 7, 2014

Last weekend, the power went out in my Oakland neighborhood on Sunday evening. The blinking traffic lights and darkened businesses along College Avenue in Rockridge were an instant reminder of how we take our infrastructure for granted. As I drove home, I was thinking about the email I needed to catch up on and wondering how quickly my home network would be back online – glad that I could use my mobile phone for a temporary hotspot.

Interruptions in our service provider network, and on our own communication devices can cause…

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