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Have you started your marketing plan for the new year? Here’s how to kickstart yours.

As we race towards a strong close to the year, it can be hard to even think about setting aside the time needed to build and vet next years marketing plans. Your team may have just finished the herculean task of delivering on a major launch, or hosting your annual customer event. The last thing they are in the mood for is rolling up their sleeves to consider planning for the new year. However, if you have not already started or are not imminently preparing to start your planning process — you are already behind the eight ball.

A solid plan usually takes about 6–8 weeks to build and socialize depending on how much information is immediately available. So, if you are targeting having a vetted plan going into the holidays, it puts you eight weeks out this week. …

Five ways marketers can use validation to gain customer insights, improve messaging and boost brand credibility.

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t eaten something they just can’t stand as an act of love (or at least in the name of being polite)?

My brother in law famously ate an iconic lime-pineapple Jell-O mold salad at family gatherings for years before sharing that he really didn’t care for it only to discover that my mother in law made it because she believed it was a favorite of his!

My kids live on the other end of the spectrum. Yelp reviewers of hot chocolate and avid followers of Master Chef Junior, they rank their meals with a zeal that rivals that of Gordon Ramsey. …

When your business is new most people don’t know who you are or what you do. Telling the story of your company — no matter if you’re the founder, CEO or an employee — is always an exciting opportunity. Building your story, putting it all together in a way that makes sense for your audience, and nailing the delivery is hard work.

Last week, I attended Vator Splash Oakland and watched eight early-stage startup entrepreneurs — Wonderspark, BrightHub, Thesis Couture, ShowKit, Countable, ShareRoot, CrowdStreet, and Cloudstead — take five minutes each to pitch their stories to a panel of Bay Area venture capitalists. …


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