Small Business Owners: Build Your Brand Around Great Customer Experience

By: Andy Singer, Principal and Co-founder

Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Apple…when most of us think of these iconic global brands, we think of their multi-million dollar ad campaigns, clever tag lines, and established logos. It can feel like these businesses operate in a galaxy that is far away from our own.

Regardless of your marketing budget, or company size, there’s an important element of brand that all businesses should think about every day – and that’s the experience that your prospects, customers, and employees have with your brand.

Businesses dont need to be big to develop a compelling brand. We recently attended a panel discussion on service design hosted by a tech start up in San Francisco that offers home delivery of local, sustainable foods. This business has built brand equity by offering quality products, delivering exceptional customer experience, and through community outreach that is informed by their business values. Hosting the panel was an effective way to link their brand with others known for their expertise in digital customer experience.

With this in mind, here are a few tips for small business owners when working on increasing the visibility of their brand:

  • Develop a brand statement. Sit down with your leadership team and agree on your business values and what your brand stands for. Put it all down on paper and discuss it with your employees.
  • Build an army of brand ambassadors. Once everyone is on board with the brand values, enlist your team to help promote the brand. Employees can represent the brand in multiple ways – delivering excellent customer experience and service, talking about the company with friends and family, or promoting the business on their personal social media accounts.
  • Ask your customers to provide positive feedback. Once you’ve delivered excellent service based on the brand values, ask your customers to say a few nice words about your business on social media.
  • Give back to the community. Partner with the local Chamber of Commerce, help influence local business policies, and sponsor local causes and events.

Brands are more than a logo, tagline or massive ad campaign. A brand built on customer experience can help drive awareness and demand, it can also extend to help recruit talent and establish your business in the community.

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