When you don’t feel like it

As of three months ago, I write to make a living. My days are filled with writing and editing copy for brochures, billboards, website content, blogs, communications plans, push marketing stuff. The list goes on.

Copywriting is a fun job because no two days look the same. One day I’m at a client meeting, soaking in the ins and outs of the business, and the next day I’m pinned to my chair developing concepts for logo rationales. This is a cool thing. Believe me.

But there are certainly days when I’m just over it.

Sometimes I’m just over the forced OCD state of mind required of me to do my job well. Sometimes I’m just over jogging my eyes up and down a laptop screen, scanning for mistakes and blemishes like a crazy person. Sometimes I’m over proofing copy and checking for even the most microscopic of errors. Sometimes I’m over it.

It’s easy to be swayed by siren whispers of “the grass is greener.” There’s always that next project you’re stoked about. That next client. That next opportunity. That next _______.

The challenge is to keep in step with what you’re doing currently. There are times I don’t FEEL like doing a certain project, but I push through and grind with the team anyway.

Why? Because it’s not about me. It never is. An “individual project” at an agency (and many companies) is a self-centered delusion in which we get wrapped up in the piece I need to personally contribute to the project rather than enjoying and working through collaboration and team-spirited grit.

More than one set of ears, eyes and hands should touch a project before the final product is shipped out to sea. Why? Because we’re human. We mess up. We need guidance. Suggestions. Re-skinning. Constructive criticism. Team matters. You don’t feel like it? Look outward. Feel like it.

Is this the remedy? No. You’ll still have the moments.

I already have the moments. I’ve already experienced the “I don’t feel like it,” and I’ve only been doing this for a number of months. Some people have been at this for decades. They’ve worked on the craft of fighting the temptations to look inward and to not feel like it. Rather, they pursue the ultimate end goal and work hard so that others might be rewarded too.

Sometimes you’re just not going to feel like it. Push anyway.