Eight days of walking journey through the northern Georgia — Caucasian“Misty Mountains Cold” with a twenty-kilo backpack and 20 km of trails per day.

it all started from a Michael’s call — “Garik, remember we were planning to visit Georgia in Summer ? It’s high time to decide and buy the tickets…

Eating, drinking and enjoying the talks and first impressions.
our first camp
Landscape of our first camp. Down there, near the lake we put our tents at girst camp.
Igor (me)
From left to right: Ira, Genya, Andriy, Galynka, Dmytro.
having rest
Camp in clouds. Day 2 camp. Evening.
Sergio and Michael are testing head lamps.
Thx Michael and Sergio for their assistance in making this picture. They used their head-lamps to put some light on the hill, so it could be also seen here.
Michael, Soplya, Suliko — early in the morning of the 3rd day. While cooking some tasty food.
Shkara as seen from our camp in 8 a.m.
Igor and Michael
Mountain lakes in Svanetia are mystery places…
Galynka, Andriy. Sergio, Michael, Dmytro.
Ushba mountain is hiding in the clouds.
Day 3 camp.
Cooking borsch for dinner. Soplya knows where the food is ☺
All gone crazy.. ☺
4:00 in the morning. The moon gave a wonderful light, so 20 sec exposure made awonderful work.
Tetnuldi mountain
Our tent in the morning of the 7th day.
Adishi village.
New skiing routes and roads are building here..
Michael watching the sun goes down (view from our tent)
The best part of our evenings.


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