What is Social and why is it the future?


Our world is incredibly huge and surprisingly diverse. Humanity has achieved amazing success in all sectors. Also, the population has grown significantly and, accordingly, with an increase in the population, the number of thoughts and points of view increases. Unfortunately, some of these ideas are considered unnecessary, and sometimes dangerous for people more senior than the ordinary population of our planet. They are often blocked and against their background, truly brilliant and correct ideas are lost, which without conditionally does not benefit the majority.
Even places created to express their thoughts, namely social networks, are under the tremulous supervision of the state and constantly bend to their demands, even if they are absurd. Of course, everything can be justified, it’s still a business, but what if there was such a social network that would support freedom of speech, and everyone could express their thoughts without fear of being blocked and so on? As it turned out, such a social network is being developed and very soon everyone will be able to use it!

What Is Social?

As the developers say
Solcial is a decentralized social network that allows users to interact without fear of censorship, and allows content creators to receive fair remuneration at market value and without intermediaries.
In short, Solcial will not filter and censor your thoughts. You can freely express what’s on your mind and not be afraid of being banned, which is especially critical for bloggers and media personalities who earn money on the social network they use.
For example, I think everyone understood, and sometimes noticed how bloggers have to carefully and covertly express their thoughts in order not to get banned in absolutely all current social networks. Sometimes it looks just ridiculous and ridiculous, especially when you realize that these thoughts are harmless, or just logical and true. Again, it is worth repeating that this will not happen when using Solcial, because the 2 main goals of this social network are to promote freedom of speech and allow people to discuss without being censored or banned, and allow users to monetize their content, their added value, regardless of their talents (we will pay attention to this point a little later)

The Principle Of Operation

Now with regard to how the developers are going to present the project. Solcial will be developed as an application for the phone. Another exceptional difference between Solcial and ordinary social networks will be the system of so-called tokens. Everyone will have a stock of tokens, namely 1 million, which they will receive upon registration. The user can both sell these coins and use them for their intended purpose, namely, to invest in other people’s content. The project offers 3 subscription levels.
the first is a free subscription — which will give access to the author’s publicly available content
the second and third will give you access to the author’s personal content, but for this you need to own his personal tokens
This is how the content will be monetized. The creators will have a token associated with them directly, with their own price and market capitalization. Thus, the creators become similar to companies registered on the stock exchange
In general, the project already looks very promising, and this is if we don’t talk about an interesting voting system for future project decisions on the DAO, and if we take into account the fact that many functions of the social network have simply not been presented yet.


I think that the problem of censorship in our world is underestimated. Sometimes it certainly makes sense, but over time it begins to cross all boundaries. People just don’t get the information they personally need and become the same, and I often hear such a term as “convenient”. Social, in turn, will be like a breath of fresh air for people who will be able to use it. They will finally be able to find the information they need in the necessary quantities and begin to develop in the areas they want. Moreover, they can already share their thoughts and make money on it. In connection with all of the above, I consider the Solcial project extremely promising, and I believe that it can become a place where everyone can find something for themselves, or maybe just themselves :)

Project Links

Telegram: https://t.me/solcial
RU Telegram: https://t.me/solcialrussia
Discord: https://discord.gg/3EpaAbcRPp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/solcialofficial
Medium: https://medium.com/@solcial
Web: https://solcial.io
Email: hello@solcial.io



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