Igor, why you made two separate apps instead of only one?
Rafael Oliveira

Hi, Rafael,

First of all, thanks for the reading and the question! 
So, I created two separate services for two reasons:

  1. The main one: if people want to use only the URL checker alone (Sickbay), they don't have to drag code they don't actually need (The Nurse).
  2. The other one is: so they can deploy multiple Sickbay instances into different regions of the world. This way, you can check if people from Asia, for example, are able to access the app you're monitoring (that's placed in the US or Europe). Today The Nurse only supports one instance of Sickbay, but I have plans to add the support to multiple instances. Also, if this stack was only one app, you'd have to deploy a bigger infrastructure all over the world ($$$$$) and you'd have decentralized logs/databases for statuses and outages.

I hope I made myself clear :)

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