Companies have hundreds of staff working in sales & service.

Many of them are not active or trained, the business doesn’t know enough about consumer’s needs.

It’s expensive to manage & monitor how they could do it better.

AI speech technologies can help you to:

  • Monitor 100% of dialogues with clients
  • Find out the trigger words and listen to dialogues from any place
  • Optimize training process
  • Inform about the conflicts in time
  • Get the information about customers feedback

  1. Unsupervised and supervised learning
  2. Reinforcement learning
  3. The multinational company uses Natural Language Processing
  4. Semantic search
  5. Cognitive communication

1. Unsupervised and supervised learning

We are aware that with applications of both supervised and unsupervised learning, especially in text analytics, machine learning significantly gives support to natural language. As soon as Natural Language Processing understands the term in a document and their parts of speech, unsupervised learning can determine mathematical relationships between them. Supervised learning is then based on the outcome of unsupervised learning’s relationship determinations.

2. Reinforcement learning

Several natural language generation (NLG) tasks, such as text summarization, are being explored…

Igor Basko

CEO, founder,

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