Companies have hundreds of staff working in sales & service.

Many of them are not active or trained, the business doesn’t know enough about consumer’s needs.

It’s expensive to manage & monitor how they could do it better.

AI speech technologies can help you to:

  • Monitor 100% of dialogues with clients
  • Find out the trigger words and listen to dialogues from any place
  • Optimize training process
  • Inform about the conflicts in time
  • Get the information about customers feedback

How does speech analytics work and why should it be implemented in the sales department:

1. You register the company in the cloud service of voice analytics, indicate your corporate telephone provider and phone numbers of employees whose communication will be monitored. These can be landline telephones (contact centers), cloud telephony, mobile corporate communications, Internet services.

2. Further integration with CRM and as a result, audio files of dialogs with clients who called you from the numbers specified in your CRM and were warned about recording the conversation will be saved in CRM cards.

3. Artificial intelligence transforms all audio files into text, saves it in its database, and then the fun begins.

4. Sales staff begin to receive an individual assessment of their telephone conversations with customers. The rating is given by the robot. You will learn how polite you are, how many parasite words you have in your speech. You speak long or vice versa a little, in comparison with the average value for the company and with the exemplary dialogue. You forget to make an anti-crisis offer or not. How many percents of your conversations contain interruptions, discontent, threats, checkmate. There are a lot of settings. People who want to develop will be able to get a view from the outside on their communication. The look of the robot.

5. Sales managers will find out how much time their managers generally talk to customers over the phone. They will be able to compare the assessment of the communications of different employees. They can filter out dialogs that were very successful or vice versa that contain threats. The possibilities for customizing an infinite amount. The main thing is that you will understand the level and quality of the activity of your sales staff.

Sales growth and skills improvement solutions:

1.Analyze all scripts and find out best one

2. Real-time monitoring and hinting

3. Maximize the effect of your studying programs

4. Get feedback from customers and analyze it

5. Get an objective view of your sales team in one place

Сall centers options:

  1. See full-text recognition by roles

2. Define the needs of the client

3. Carry out the automatic assessment of observance of a script

4. Learn the reason for long silent, the conflicts, splash in emotions

AI speech analytics solutions are more productive than manual monitoring:

  • 200 times faster
  • 30 times cost-effective
  • 50+ analytical tools
  • real-time
  • omnichannel
  • secure
  • predictable
  • 45+ languages

AI’s key benefits to boost your business:

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