Growth Story: How TransferWise Is Building a New Global Financial Services Brand

The idea: a modern take on the age-old business model

Early traction: hustling to build momentum

Mission-driven growth

Building a brand with a consistent narrative

Making noise with guerilla marketing

Creating evangelical customers

Fueling the referral engine

Building a growth-driven organization

Finding new growth levers

“TransferWise everywhere” strategy

International expansion

Product offering for the business segment

  • Borderless account is aimed at businesses, sole traders, and freelancers who conduct business across borders and in multiple currencies.
  • TransferWise Payouts allows international payouts directly from its API, giving marketplaces and other businesses direct access to the company’s proprietary payment platform.
  • Companies can also cost-effectively meet international payroll requirements by making payments to overseas staff and contractors via its batch payments tool.

Key takeaways from TransferWise’s growth journey

  1. To achieve exponential growth, you have to solve a problem in a way that is conceptually different to how things work today.
  2. Define a clear purpose for your company and craft a story around it; then use that messaging to amplify your growth. As in the case of TransferWise, it may not come right away, but over time you need to figure out what you stand for.
  3. By understanding the drivers of NPS, you can align your product and marketing organization to drive organic word of mouth.

What’s next for TransferWise?




Co-founder at Growth Engineers. We help companies hire proven digital marketing experts.

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Igor Gorbatko

Igor Gorbatko

Co-founder at Growth Engineers. We help companies hire proven digital marketing experts.

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