Igor Dzhura has Worked for Novartis/NIBR for 4 Years

Igor Dzhura is a medical professional who has worked with Novartis/NIBR in Cambridge, MA as a Scientist. At this institute, he successfully designed, implemented, and validated ion channels (both new and existing) and GPCR/M1 based functional assays for target engagement, profiling and HTS. He used cutting-edge technologies for ion channels and GPCR electrophysiological assays, developed and validated new assays for drug discovery. For this, he received two prestigious awards. He has lead drug discovery and validated targets of action for different natural products/drugs for multiple projects. He was also involved in the management of tissue culture logistics and maintenance of various ion channel expressing cell lines.

During his employment with SUNY Department of Medicine and Josline Diabetes Center, Syracuse, NY, Igor Dzhura performed various duties such as Modulators of β-cell glucose signaling in Diabetes using following methods: e-phys, calcium imaging, isolation of islets of Langerhans and β-cells from mice/rat pancreas, ELISA assay, Glucose stimulated insulin secretion assay, SDS-PAGE, Western Blot. He successfully did study of calcium signialing in pancreatic β-cells, investigated the localization and characterization of specific proteins. This research was done using fluorescent and confocal microscopy, siRNA/shRNA lentiviral transduction, creating genetically encoding biosensors.

Igor Dzhura spent 8 years at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN. He regulated cardiac channel by CAMKII (electrophysiology, cell culture, transfection, PCR, cardiomyocytes isolation, animal husbandary, PCR, etc.). Prior to this, he employed at Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology in Kyiv, Ukraine. Serving the position of a Research Associate, he studied T-type (Cav3.2) channels: regulation, properties, pharmacology (electrophysiology, RNA/DNA isolation, cell culture, etc.).

Igor Dzhura is a fitness lover who actively participates in different sports activities like soccer and running. He believes sports as the best physical activities to indulge in during free time. When you perform certain moves, different muscles groups work, thus, bringing the whole body in shape, and avoiding dangerous diseases. Thus, it is necessary for people no matter the age or sex to include sports in their daily schedules. This will make you feel good, and you will perform better in your work and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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