Igor Dzhura has Worked with SUNY Department of Medicine and Joslin Diabetes Center for 2 Years

Igor Dzhura holds couple of years of experience as a medical professional based in Malden, MA. He completed his studies from National Kiev University in 1998, following which he started his professional career with the Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology in Kyiv. He worked there as a Research Associate for two years, and studied T-type (Cav3.2) channels, regulation, properties, pharmacology (electrophysiology, RNA/DNA isolation, cell culture, etc.). He is a self-motivated person with exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills.

Igor Dzhura worked for the SUNY Department of Medicine and Joslin Diabetes Center, Syracuse NY for two years serving the position of a Senior Research Associate. At this center, he did study of calcium signaling in pancreatic β-cells and investigated the localization and characterization of specific proteins. Flourescent and confocal microscopy and siRNA/shRNA lentiviral transduction was used for the study, and it created genetically encoding biosensors. In addition, he also worked with the modulators of β-cell glucose signaling in Diabetes using following methods: e-phys, calcium imaging, isolation of islets of Langerhans and β-cells from mice/rat pancreas, ELISA assay, Glucose stimulated insulin secretion assay, SDS-PAGE, Western Blot.

After that, Igor Dzhura worked with Novartis/NIBR, Cambridge, and received two awards for developing and validating new assays for drug delivery. He was involved in a slew of operations such as:

Designing, implementing and validating new and existing ion channels and GPCR/M1 based functional assays for target engagement, profiling and HTS.

Identifying the latest technologies for ion channels and GPCR electrophysiological assays.

Cardiac safety profiling.

Leading drug discovery and validating targets/mechanism of action for a variety of natural products/drugs for a multiple projects (oncology, malaria, diabetes, muscle disorder)

Management of tissue culture logistics and maintenance of various ion channel expressing cell lines (voltages and ligand gated)

Managing external collaborations and CRO’s.

Igor Dzhura is skilled in supporting medical research, and has a set of skills including basic molecular biology methods, primary cell culture, bacterial and mammals cell culture, flowcytometry, biostatistics, and working experience under GLP, CLIA, and CAP. In addition, he also has good understanding of different electrophysiology areas such as:

Automated electrophysiology : Qpatch, Quattro, Barracuda

Conventional electrophysiology: whole-cell and single channel patch clamp (in different configurations), Dynaflow system

Langendorff Heart System

Bilayer recording

Calcium imaging, FLEX, FRET.

FLIPR, Hamamatsu7000, TECAN/Hamilton

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