Lots of people don’t — or can’t — distinguish between knowing how to solve simple problems in a…
Rococo Modem Basilisk

Bootcamps and schools attract the insufficiently self-directed, who will never graduate beyond the white belt because they don’t really want to learn for the sake of learning.

What about people who are sufficently self-directed, but needs the credentials to be able to prove it to the HR people? That was why I attended a bootcamp. I could have learned programming fairly easily, but I needed some credentials first to be able to break into the field. That’s really all it is. And it is much faster to get credentials from a bootcamp than it is to go back to school for 4 years to learn Computer Science.

I think most people in my cohort were the same…people who already had degrees and wanted to transition away from their current line over to programming. They had the drive to learn programming on their own time…and all they need is the creds to prove it to others. They believe themselves to be sufficently self-directed.

I admit that the line between “those who believe themselves to be sufficently self-directed” versus “those who actually are” can be very blurry.

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