Think about it this way..if
Julius Koronci

I don’t like all the sites I visit. Usually, I visit a site because it provides a service that I need, but that doesn’t mean that I endorse the policies and bloat of a site. Look at LinkedIn — the site has been criticized by many people for its use of “dark patterns” and yet it’s still used…by the very people that criticize it. People may use the site in spite of its own self-defeating activities. Use does not mean consent.

In addition, not all users of websites are human beings. Robots make up an alarming percentage of web traffic. From my own blog post on this topic:

According to a 2015 report by Incapsula, 48.5% of all web traffic are by bots. If you are running a small website (10 to 1000 visits per day), 85.4% of your web traffic are by bots. Even if you happen to run a very large website (100,000 to 1 million visits per day), 39.7% of your web traffic are by bots.

Bots lack the capacity to like or dislike your site. Thus your analytics can be messed up by the presence of these non-human entities.

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