Thousand blog engines and still looking…

for Google Docs simplicity!

Some of my friends (not all of them) told me I can write well and, sometimes, even interesting. Well, I’ve made so many attempts to start up my own blog, looking for perfect and comfortable environment to put text together.

Guess what, — nothing taken off for longer than a month or two. It just does not feel right, doesn’t feel comfortable to do so many actions to simply make a post. I don’t mean writing itself. Given a pen and a paper I would write it down no problem, because it’s natural. But all those extra things you have to deal with in Wordpress, LiveJournal, Blogpost, your favourite CMS — this is where I feel the frustration. It constantly turns to be an administration work rather than putting your thoughts together. Categories, Tags, Font, colour, settings, authorization, special fields for the mood? OMG, in what reality is that going to help me to make my post better?

All those extra fields and settings you have to specify, click and select are really driving me crazy. It’s like you’re still using MS Word when all your colleges switched to Google Docs. UI simplicity and focus on what you’re really doing at this moment. Did you get me?

Google docs was open for public usage in February 2007. Since that I’ve been enjoying its UI simplicity and every-single-change-saved-already model. Really, before that I really hated all web apps, I could not get any gmail or yahoo mail at all. So that was a turnaround, a tipping point after which I could not go back to overloaded UI.

I’ve even spent a couple of days in research, looking for a blog or a CMS based on or close to Google Docs. But no, nothing came up and even these days the majority of our blogs are still using those old and moldy approaches.

So when my friend came asking for help to set-up a personal blog I’ve had nothing better to suggest but a Wordpress. And then there were a few hours of the internal mind conflict dreaming of the better engine while doing my administration work for new blog.

Why do I like G Docs so much? There was a huge reason inside me for that… Back in the days, when I was a student and just recently started my first 3-people company, I was eager to discover what’s possible and really wanted to improve things and every-day technologies. We’ve got a very custom and ambitious project which then turned into a huge development of our own HTML text editor component, clean, fast and very simple. That product failed, nobody was ready for real budget that was growing with every month and every new person put on the project. We’ve closed it for loss, but it left me with all those excellent ideas and prototypes of the wonderful clean and simple editor where everything is possible, but nothing is overloaded. It has been my lazy-hobby project for a few more years till I turned towards serious e-commerce things. But all that knowledge, all those idealistic prototypes were so on par with Google product that my old customer called me one day and said “they’ve stolen our idea! I told you trust nobody!”

Well, nobody’s stolen anything. It’s just had to happen eventually. IT world started to move slowly towards simple, clean but powerful UI.

Coming back to the topic, Medium is something I stumble upon recently and it certainly reminded my those feelings where proper solution is now creating a much better experience. I think I’ve found my favourite blog engine, eventually! Nice for reading, ideal for writing! and no more frills!

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