Understanding US politics circa 2017
Michael B. Wong

With all due respect to a very competent, interesting political analysis of the US scenario, I would add a rethorical question. Why the hell were Nixon, Reagan, Ford, the Bushes ending with Donald Trump presidents?! (Sorry I missed anyone).?

And my excuses for meddling up with a foreign country business, but what happens in the US lately will bring serious consequences to the rest ot world, for the good or the bad. Just look at the 2008 crisis that disrupted most of the western countries, that clearly started at the very center of the US financial system, and propagated at light speed thanks to the instantly connected world finance.
Like the majority of the masses in the world, the majority of US voters are political illiterates. Science, technology, generated by a few are massified and a success at that, but political, social, environmental and planet solidarity conciousness development is neglected specially so since capitalist entities have little to profit from these moral issues. The lack of those qualities are pre-conditions to the very unjustifiable profitability of so many economic giants…

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