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Johan Adda

Igor / Creative Director / UX Designer

“I grew up in Children’s Care Home with my younger siblings. From the very earliest years I have been educating myself in skills of raising and caring for my sister and brother. I’m sure that’s why I’m so good at dealing with children and I understand their problems. In Children’s Home, I had the opportunity to observe the development of my siblings and to analyze my thoughts at the same time. Now, as a teacher I know very well what to do to create an emotional bond with kids, how to amuse them and motivate to work better. Many times I had to motivate myself to work because growing up in Gildern’s Home wasn’t easy. I had contact with technology since my early years. In institutional life we had a lot of new technology classes on a variety of courses organized by the state. Smartphone and computer often let me brake away from the difficult reality in which I lived with my siblings. These are great tools for working with kids.

Since when I was working in school my life began to change. I noticed that everything I learned in the Children’s Home didn’t go to waste. I was afraid that by being responsible for my younger siblings I would never be able to fall in love and have my own familly. However, everything was different. At school I met my husband. For some time we have been talking more and more about the baby.”

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