The Fabric of Me

Where I start

where I end

not like life and death,

but death may also be involved

illusion, false connections

so-called heartbreaks

little deaths

now pieces of me start to decompose

yet nothing in this world is lost

but turned to something else, changed

someone told me

that I can't cling to the past forever

and this person was right

I live my present wishing for a better future

and asking why of the past

my wish for love now guides me to achieve a better reality for myself

I realised that who I am right now

is a human bag of trash

filled with yesterday’s leftovers like ex lovers and life frustrated attempts to make my life better

I need to change, more

faster and brutally

life doesn't wait

and I'm also in a hurry

Imagine a piece of paper, spat on, stepped on, trashed, now imagine this paper as my life

I'm taking what's left for recycling and turning myself into something new

a new page.