Why I (almost) quit Slack

I didn’t, actually, but who cares

Today I’ve learned that emoji are somewhat valid in domain names. It is a bit complicated (see article for details) but you can paste 🦄.ws in your browser’s address bar and everything gonna work (except to the fact that unicorn vanishes from address bar after navigation, but unicorns aren’t real, are they?).

However, when you try to send this type of URL to your colleague in slack, it is not parsed as URL, even if you send it as http://🦄.ws

But being not parsed and being non-clickable is the least of the problems: Slack kills unicorn by replacing it with :unicorn_face:, what a shame! So when you copy this http://:unicorn_face:.ws stuff and tell your browser to there, well, you’re out of luck.

Slack, stop killing unicorns!

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