Coffee is Geography
Assad Abdi

“(…)because coffee is not a concept, or even a single substance. And it’s not an absolute. (…) No coffee is like another.” — Now this dialogues strongly with my theory of the ugly and ugliness (only in portuguese and unpublished yet). Also these parts: “Coffee is a place. (…) A separation that unites what can’t be united…”. My definition calls The Ugly a space, an essential part of it, as I differentiate a space from a border, from a horizon, from a boundary, from a silhouette, and so on. What is curious, to me, is that your writing and my theory (more about ethics and politics than aesthetics) align so perfectly — its a cosmic synergy! I’m so excited about it. And be sure I am an avid reader of your work! You’ve earned yourself a fan. You changed my life. Be sure to keep up the magnificent work!

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