Unlimited Vacation and Other Forms of Guilt-Based Management
Johnathan Nightingale

A friend of mine was supposed to have a job interview a year ago and he told me about that certain corporation that he is looking forward getting that job as they have “Unlimited vacations”.

My first instant reaction was quite rude to post it here, but I asked “Yeah, and what do you have to do and how long do you have to be in, to get 2 months of approved vacation?”.

Like, I’ve been in companies promising sabbaticals for every 5 years in service you’d get a month off, but even that month off was always some kind of trouble. Getting time when it suites you, getting time away from work (you were at least required to be available for quick phone call — just in case).

It’s non reasonable promise, or to say — a lie. Why would you ever work for liars?

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