3 Teams That Should Try to Trade for Andre Drummond

The Detroit Pistons have quietly explored the trade market for their franchise center Andre Drummond.
While Drummond has been having a solid year, the Pistons have underperformed and he’s part of the reason why. Therefore, it makes sense for Detroit to at least see what’s out there and explore what they could possibly get in return for Drummond.
 Will they end up trading him before the deadline? It seems unlikely. But here are a few teams who should at least give Detroit a call.


The Blazers just traded Mason Plumlee for Jusuf Nurkic, so the timing of this rumor surfacing is not ideal for Portland. But if the Blazers could get Drummond in a deal, that’s something they would have to explore at the very least.
Defense has been a major issue for Portland this year, who have the fifth-worst defensive efficiency of any team in the league. Drummond could help solve that problem, and would also give the Blazers another option on offense, which is mostly one-sided, featuring Lillard and McCollum taking turns going one-on-one.


Andrew Bogut is a serious candidate to be moved before the deadline. And even if he isn’t traded, the Mavericks could buy him out. Either way, it’s unlikely Bogut is with the Mavs beyond this season. Which would leave a hole at the center position for Dallas.
The Mavericks are in a weird position right now. They have a bunch of win-now players, but they aren’t a serious threat in the West by any means. Acquiring Drummond would give them a young star and would provide the franchise with a new direction. Dallas hasn’t been able to get Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan or Hassan Whiteside over the past few summers, so this could be their chance to get the big man they’ve always wanted.


The Boston Celtics desperately need help rebounding the basketball. They currently have the fifth-worst rebound rate in the league and are tied for the second-worst defensive rebound rate. Drummond could definitely help solve this problem, as he averages 13.9 rebounds per game, including 4.1 offensive rebounds.
Boston has the assets to make a deal, but it would come down to how serious Detroit is about moving their big man.

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