Who Will Win The MVP Trophy At The All Star Game 2017?

As always as every year, we cannot wait for the NBA All Star Game to begin, because we have a chance to watch the best basketball players in the world playing against each other on the hardwood.This year there’ll be some new faces who deserved their first NBA All Star nod such as Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kemba Walker for the East Team and DeAndre Jordan and Gordon Hayward for the West Team. 
The Western Team has won the last two meetings and Russell Westbrook was named as the All Star MVP for two consecutive games.

This year my personal picks for who should win the All Star Game MVP award (depends on which team will win the game) are:


KD won this award in 2012 All Star Game as he finished with 36 points for the West Team. The reason why i chose KD it’s simple, Russell Westbrook won this award two years in a row, and i do belive he’s motivated to do the same this year because he averages triple-double through mid-season for the Oklahoma City Thunder and he’s an absolute beast, but i think KD will be even more motivated to win it this year because he was highly criticized for signing with the Warriors in the off season, in his return in Oklahoma he was booed, Thunder fans would be showing up to the game in “KowarD” shirts, they also called him “Cupcake”, he was announced as “OKC’s own” last night and with Westbrook they continue to awkwardly avoid each other. So i definitely think he’s going to be at his best and he will take home the MVP Trophy.

Dark Horse: Stephen Curry
Chef Curry
still hasn’t won this trophy, so i think while he’s still at his best he should have a legit shot to win it.


Uncle Drew also won this award in 2014 All Star Game in New Orleans, and the reason why i think he would win it this year again it’s because he’s the best pure scorer on the East Team, he can score from every position on the court in every way possible. He has the best handles in the league, and he has improved his passing skills this year.

Dark Horse: John Wall & Lebron James
The reason why i think John Wall could with the award it’s beacuse of his great passing ability and he’s the fastest player in the league. So he would love the fast pace of the game and maybe he could break Magic Johnson’s assist record in a single game (22). 
And why i’m choosing Lebron James is simple, he already has two MVP trophies and Michael Jordan has three, so i’m pretty sure he would really love to tie MJ in that category.

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