Machine Learning and UX
Byron Houwens

Hey Byron nice post couldn’t agree more that there isn’t much out there in regards to machine or deep learning and how user experience will play an important part in the future. My experience over the years from development to design and now user experience is where I find my passion. User experience will have major implications to solidifying an bringing artificial intelligence into everyday life which will be based off machine learning.

Many look at UX encompassing things like UI design or user testing, and don’t look into the underlying areas many experts in user experience focus on before they even begin designing. For example; human behavior interaction with products or services, technology or human empathy and psychology of how the human mind, memories work interpreting anything from tone of voice, touch, colors, resolution etc.

Interaction with technology like your smartphone, TV, automobile or your everyday kitchen appliance. How humans interact using voice, visuals, eventually smell & touch will be part of the future role for the average UX practitioner. I see the future of UX maturing over the next 5 to 7 years with more core focused roles coming into to play and less UX of One or UX Unicorns in the field.

These are indeed exciting times we live in as data is king and the innovation with deep learning will help human interaction with technology evolve. I see the future being more productive, more assertive and giving people back something that’s indispensable, Time!

For now we have a long ways to go till we see AI & Robotics come into play, but its a start as of today many companies are using machine learning for providing relevant and contextual information to users as they need it. Content maybe King but its nothing without its Queen Context. ;-)