AI can be a Detective

Isabella Grandic
Feb 7 · 8 min read
Summer in the Great Outdoors
She’s all the way in outer space.

Is Summer a cat or dog?

Has summer been classified as the wrong species her entire life???
Me getting an idea

Creating a Cat-Dog Classifier, to diagnose my catdog

What am I even going to do?

CNN classifying cats + dogs
The computer looks at small portions of the image and tries to understand what’s going on in that specific section

Stuff I imported for the Model

Let’s prepare the model

These cats know what’s up
I feel like this is bad parenting

I threw Summer in the snow
We went on an adventure
We had a midday snack

The Model:

Training time.

Testing time

Summer is freaking pumped. Also, Summer’s hair needs a good groom.

And the verdict is…

Summer being happy and shit because she finally feels like she belongs

Thanks to Aadil A.

Isabella Grandic

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Hey, I’m Izzy, a 15-year-old interested in impacting billions with emerging tech. I’m super excited about cellular agriculture and machine learning

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