We started igree to facilitate personal data interaction between people and organisations. We’ll explain here why igree is needed and what solution we propose.

Many people have encountered the privacy-breaking activities of large corporations. One moment you are browsing the internet for a new pair of shoes, and just thirty seconds later you open Facebook and see an advertisement for the same shoes you were looking at just a moment ago. Seems a bit odd, right? One of the reasons this happens, is that we accept both Facebook and Google’s terms and conditions, likely without reading the 100-page document full of legal jargon. …

Is blockchain just here to lure people and money in, or does it provide fundamental value?

Over the course of the last three years, there has been a great deal of interest in what has been coined as ‘self-sovereign identity’. Arguably, a blog post by C. Allen in 2016 started a wave of interest in pushing identity management practices to a new era. In his post, he said:

I want to share a vision for how we can enhance the ability of digital identity to enable trust while preserving individual privacy. This vision is what I call “Self-Sovereign Identity”.

The keyword here is trust, which is what identity management is all about. To illustrate this statement, let’s use the most common example. Say you walk into a liquor store to buy a bottle of wine. The cashier wants to verify that you are over 18, so he asks for identification. In nearly all cases, people will show the cashier their driver’s license. Why? Because the cashier trusts that the driver’s license agency correctly verifies birthdates. This problem becomes significantly harder on the internet. The internet has no built-in identity layer, which is why we have to use services of third parties. Peter Steiner’s famous illustration of 1993 is still relevant…

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