Guys!! My podcast “The Morning Commute” is out

For a while now I have been recording and getting everything ready to launch my very own first podcast. I’m excited to present it to the world in all of its glory. Here it is

Here are a few questions you might have:

  • What’s it about?

It’s about, as I call it, my satirical take on everyday life frustrations known to the common and uncommon man.

  • Is it funny?

Some voices in my head say yes (kidding…).

  • What’s the purpose of the pod?

To entertain, to relate, to not take things too seriously on your morning commute.

  • Do I have to listen to it on my commute?

No. You can listen to it whenever, wherever.

  • Why did you do this?

Because I kept asking myself everyday: is that all there is?

Please listen, be nice, subscribe, I publish new stuff every Tuesday.

Enough crazy for today, until next time — behave!



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