Last night I couldn’t sleep, woke up at 5ish and kept thinking about the word — perception. What it means and how much is based on it. Couldn’t fall asleep, thought I should write this down. Then again if I do, I thought, I would wake up even more and be completely awake bla bla. So I didn’t. But luckily I remembered now about it.

What is perception? Is it real? To someone it might, to others not so much. Is it important to consider it? I think it is. I personally do this thing where I ask sometimes someone that is very close to me, if they think I’m like this or like that. I know what I think, I wanna know what they think or in other words how they perceive me so I can make an average of the two. Now a lot of times people are like fml why are you asking me that? what do I say? is this a test? But for me it’s just an experiment, to test if I have a realistic perception of myself and how much do I convey what I think I do. I don’t think that anyone is right or wrong but I think having multiple perceptions can help you balance your own view of yourself.

Perception can be manipulated, shaped in the way you want others to see it. It’s a tool we use on a daily basis. But how much of that perception we have of someone is our own and how much of it is pushed onto us?

It’s hard to answer that question if you don’t know someone well. But in the mathematics of human behavior I think there is always an error margin which you should be aware of. Perceive the image in front of you but also what’s left out from it.

Enough crazy for today. I’m on the bus, can’t write anymore, head hurts. Bus people annoy me too.



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