The dreams you dream today

This week. This week I have been constantly restless and just having the general “I’m such a loser” feeling. It started with Monday and the meeting that was supposed to be great, the meeting that was supposed to be a very small yet exciting step towards living a dream of mine. I tried not getting my hopes up but nevertheless I couldn’t ignore the potential that meeting could have had.

Monday around 4 PM, the meeting was over and suddenly the dynamic of the entire week had changed. I am not a believer of the “how you start your day, week, month, year — that’s how you’ll spend it” logic. I think this logic basically tells you that if you fail today, you’ll fail tomorrow and for the next 363 days. Nevertheless I couldn’t ignore the disappointment I was going through. I tried to lose myself in other things and focus on work but even the slightest mistake at work made me think “great, why can’t I focus for once and not fuck up”. It’s ok, I think to myself at the end of the day. It’s good to keep in mind what you want, it’s good to get upset over failing or losing, keeps things into perspective as long as you don’t become the slave of your own thoughts.

What is my plan then for this week you might ask? Will I just give up on this week?

Well my plan is to think, understand and accept that for now, and just for now, I may not be living this dream I dream of, at least not this specific one. For now, I keep dreaming the dream I dream of.

So this week I am grateful for the dreams I AM leaving and hopeful for the ones I am still dreaming.

Enough crazy for today. Don’t forget to have a glass of wine while you dream.



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