To pay or not to pay…interns?

On the topic of “should an intern get paid or not” — Yes an intern should get paid. Don’t tell me about giving someone a chance, don’t tell me about valuing money, or that this internship will open doors or any other excuses you want to use to sleep better at night. Your parents should teach you that shit not your employer. Your employer is responsible for 3 things: your income, your job responsibilities and your training. As an employer let’s engage in some roleplay if it makes it easier to understand. Let’s say John is your intern and you have each of the following roles:

As his landlord, do you expect John to pay rent?

As an owner of a grocery store, do you expect John to pay for his food?

As a clothing store owner, do you expect John to pay for his clothes?

If the answers to the above were “yes” then as John’s landlord, food and clothing provider, why should YOU get paid and John should not?

Because it is not your problem you might say. Well as an employer, remember the 3 things you are responsible for? Well income is one of them, so it actually is your problem. You don’t have to find John a place, you don’t have to find clothes that suit him, you need to provide him with income.

If you do have an unpaid intern you better make damn sure you’re a f-ing startup and not a corporation who thinks the experience their intern will get from photocopying documents, will be invaluable. These are all hypothesis, the life you live today is reality, and the reality is your employer needs to pay you.

These were my two cents on this matter and btw tips on how to survive as an unpaid intern (coming from employers) are about as good as the next best diet — unsustainable and delusional.

Enough crazy for today my interns,



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