Zunami Protocol with my own eyes

Today we will get acquainted with an interesting project in my opinion Zunami /
The cryptocurrency market does not yet have a simple and reliable solution for depositing in stablecoins. Therefore, Zunami is launching the first decentralized stablecoin revenue aggregator. It safely generates profits using risk-free assets.
What problems exist today can the Zunami Protocol solve?
Frequent changes in interest rates in income farming pools - Zunami automatically selects the most profitable pools.
Complicated UX due to the number of functioning stablecoin pools – with Zunami, it’s a simple interaction. Performing all actions in one step.
Expensive and inconvenient to sell rewards yourself - Zunami automatically sells rewards and reinvests, and you just enjoy the compound interest.
Expensive deposits and withdrawals from DeFi applications – Zunami has created a transaction optimization mechanism that greatly reduces the cost of depositing and withdrawing funds for you.
What benefits does this give us?
Zunami Protocol always keeps your funds in the most profitable pools.
The technical solution of this protocol provides a significant reduction in deposit costs compared to others.
Zunami Protocol automatically sells your rewards and reinvests the profits.
They also introduce their own ZUN token. Users will receive this token as a reward for depositing funds. Staking ZUN will increase profits, and owning tokens will give the right to participate in the DAO and vote in proportion to the number of tokens held. In the future, all key protocol changes will be implemented through the DAO.Let's take a look at the project's roadmap.
The project started in 2020, in 2021 a public program and a beta version on Ethereum have already been launched.
In 2022 Q1 will pass the first audit, full launch, even ZUN token generation and liquidity mining program.
In the second quarter, it is planned to implement additional opportunities (self-sustaining loans and deposits with a fixed rate)
In the 3rd quarter, the launch of Zunami DAO.
Now the second phase of the Global Ambassador program has been launched so that more people can become part of the community. They've added new activities, tweaked previous ones, and are happy to give us more time to get the PTS!
We need to create content, share our feedback, talk about the project and receive rewards)
The Ambassador Program has three main goals
• Raising awareness of the Zunami protocol and the ZUN token around the world
• Building an active and large Zunami social media community
• Creation and rewarding of a close-knit club of Zunami followers.
Once again, by becoming a Zunami Ambassador, you can contribute to the Zunami vision, share it, and help the project grow awareness and engagement, thereby helping to write the next chapter of the Zunami story. In the future, the best ambassadors who have proven themselves as worthy supporters will be closely associated with the Zunami team and all other ambassadors from around the world.
To become an ambassador fill out the form https://gleam.io/y7Dar/the-zunami-protocol-ambassador-program-phase-2
You will need to subscribe to all Zunami social channels (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Youtube, Instagram, Medium, Reddit) and complete various tasks.
Such as creating various memes, writing articles and translating existing ones into your own language.
Create stickers for social networks and create videos for Youtube or TikTok.
And a lot of different and interesting tasks.
To keep track of user activity, the team continues to update the leaderboard, which shows your position in the world of Zunami supporters.
I think this is a very interesting and exciting job. Join now!
You also need to be sure to follow the community rules, such as:
You must respect all users, regardless of your liking for them. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
The use of profanity should be kept to a minimum. Moreover, any derogatory expressions in relation to any user are prohibited.
No pornographic / adult / other materials.
No ads
No offensive names or profile pictures and others.
I think if you want to dive into this project, you will also like it just like me)))




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