The lessons are what the show pulled OFF, not what the characters have to teach us about morality.
Todd Flora

I probably used the wrong word, “judgemental” would be more appropriate than “moralizing”. I am not saying anything about the show, I believe it is a good one from all the chatter about it. My problem is that in her writing Alison tends to put herself in a holier than thou position and pontificate from there. When she could start with a positive like “Little big lies might be the best show of the year” she starts with a negative instead “What this show can teach to the rest of tv”, implicating that there is something wrong with the rest of TV. I don´t want to be pontificated over about what is the best and the worst television, that is a very most subjective matter. I am here because I want to enjoy the ride not because I want a lecture about why there is something wrong with all the other rides are not as good as this one.

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