Entrepreneurs Love and Fear

Life and love and entrepreneurship are all synchronized.

In human relationships, Love and Fear is same things. Everything’s heart problems.

Thinking and Action is not separate. Health and Psychological state is also not separate. State of mind is strongly affected by the body. And Physical condition is strongly affected by the mind.

There is the driving force that tries to bravely confront something.
What is your strong desire come from? What makes it trying to move forward strongly toward?

It’s a fear and love in our hearts.

Fear is a power to rewrite us. Even in our entrepreneurs life, also occurs in the same way in our love. I think the ideal of the world of entrepreneurs is representation of the his love and fear. When to see naturally to our fear. We can know that is an our ideal world.

Entrepreneurs envision an ideal of his worldview. Fear and love are deeply connected to each other in the part of his roots of mind. So, I think love philosophy and entrepreneurship discipline has a same roots.

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