To transmit your product with your love, without describe your lovely product.

To describe and to transmit.

It’s completely different. Also in the promotion, even in presentation, Everyone are very confused with “describing” and “transmitting”.

Product developers and service designers, anyway love to describe.
Whether it has a value?

They love to describe precisely, overall, politely, impressively, specifically…..

But,”understanding” is your goal?
Seriously, do you want to get “understanding”?

In fact, it seems to completely the wrong idea.

And understanding of the product is not the matter. Joy and the fun of product is totally different in every single person. Product planner and developers, of course, they understanding the product perfectly. And, they loves it so much. But, it is impossible to understand the explanation directly from them to potential consumers. It’s a kind of the mission impossible.

An understanding of the product from the right to the left, it’s difficult. “Understanding” is an intelligent act, if you do not become to love the product, you do not think never will try to find and know it. There is no understanding without any attachment. So, as long as it isn’t “transmitted”, understanding does not occur.

If essential product value was “transmitted”. They will start to imagine freely, They will be so good at understanding and get consent with that products. They will begin to draw their own stories and use cases. That is fantastic.
It is come to mind naturally, they begin to fledgling beyond the speculation of hand made without permission. I can just say, It was “transmitted”.

If it is possible to “transmitted”, it is the world of the free imagination rather than “described” world. People may suddenly write a Saga, it might be come up with Comedy, begin to draw a Love Romance… Anything will happen after “transmitted”. It’s a free world at all. Good product is a such a free development encloses the totally “free”.

Do not seek a product understanding to the people.

Once people to tell the product value, you should leave freely people after.
Effect of viral is essentially exists precisely to the free imagination. To stimulate the imagination, do not seek to “understand”. You should tell the value. By doing so, imagination begins run without permission.

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