Trout Spey: Flies

If youre anything like me, you obsess over flies: the beautifully spun creations with a nasty, sticky surprises hidden beneath their beautiful facade.

The continued frustration of store-bought flies falling apart or the hooks bending and breaking lead me to get real passionate about tying flies. I invariably spend all my money on two things: rods and tying materials.

Even though I have a ton of tying materials, I use only 2 or 3 patterns with a couple weight and color variations to swing for trout. I learned that it’s not so much the fly that is key to success.

The #1 lesson I’ve learned in Alaska is to fish flies with confidence. Big props to my mentor Mike Harpe who lives and guides by this mantra. If you aren’t confident in the fly you’ve chosen, you might as well be fishing with nothing on the end of your line.

The more confidently I fish a fly, the more I concentrate and fish it properly through the entire swing. If you catch yourself being a little doubtful about the fly you’re swinging, I would suggest backing out of the run and tying on a fly that you feel good about.

The next time you’re swinging, pay attention to your level of confidence in your fly and I bet it will have a direct correlation to how effective and productive your outings become.

In later articles, I’ll get into specific fly patterns, some of the tools I use and some resources for learning everything about tying ☺

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