I need a laptop! But which one ?

Taken from Pixabay.com

So, you need a laptop, or at least you think you need one, but how do you pick one?

Basics: as every other computer machinery, they all (more or less) have a CPU, RAM, HARD DRIVE, Motherboard and hopefully a decent Video card.

CPU is a central processing unit, address it as the brain and the arithmetic unit of the laptop. 
RAM, random access memory, is a physical memory of the laptop that is mainly used to store temporary data of any loaded program, as RAM is uber fast and will yield better performance. Works closely with the CPU, thus we can refer to it as a transit station of info, the more we load (depends on the ram amount) the more data the CPU can process (of course CPU has its limitations). As you pick ram, make sure it has the highest available Mhz rate for your class. 
HARD DRIVE, is where all the data stored, OS (which is windows or Linux or OSX), documents, pics, vids and so on. There are 2 types of hard disks, the mechanical and the flash memory (aka SSD), the SSD are way faster yet they will cost you a “penny” more, and if you don’t wanna go bananas about the speed of the hard drive you can stick to the mechanical (rather cheap) just do yourself a favor and make sure that it’s 7200 rpm, just do, less than that and you’re a snail. 
Motherboard, well you don’t actually have lots of choices there as the variety is limited, just verify that it suits your needs (number of USB ports, display ports, such as VGA, HDMI).

VIDEO CARD, is actually a nice to have, but if you want to run something more than office, a web browser and Photoshop, you’re gonna need video card (addressed to the gaming community). 
Last but not least, BATTERY! If you’re up for a laptop, make sure it’s gonna hold few hours, thus there are few models of batteries for each laptop, go for the one with more cells.
P.S, more powerful CPU will drain your battery faster, so do your thinking, that’s is also related to the hard drive, as SSD is more efficient rather than the mechanical ones.

* yeah that’s a short cable *

I trust you to make the right choice. 
Till next time!