Vote for IGU on ByBit & Share $121,000 + Extra Rewards from $450,000 Giveaway!

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5 Simple Steps to Win from a $121,000 Prize Pool

IguVerse has been chosen to participate in the ByVotes Listing Voting Program. You can contribute to the listing by voting in the ByVotes Program — if listed, we’ll distribute a $121,000 prize pool!


Make sure you remember to vote for IguVerse by adding the voting date to your calendar: CLICK HERE

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What’s ByVotes?

The ByVotes Program is a community-driven procedure, which allows ByBit users to cast votes for the projects they deem worty of listing.

The project with the highest number of votes gets to be listed on ByBit as a spot trading pair under the Innovation Zone.

Detailed info here.

Rewards & Campaigns

The $121,000 in rewards will be allocated to four campaigns as follows:

Exclusive ByBit Giveaway for new ByBit users: enter giveaway HERE for a $20 voucher and iPhone 15 Pro

Extra Rewards from MemeFi

MemeFi is a Web3 gaming project that uses social tech, that is, keys for gaming. They are doing a $450,000 Airdrop right now — winners will get Elite and Royale NFTs, which will qualify their wallets for $200 and $1000 $MEMF airdrops.

Taking part in the raffle is possible by claiming Elite and Royale tickets. MemeFi has agreed to allocate these tickets, as well as exclusive NFTs adding extra rewards on top of the prize pool:

  • ByBit Users Campaign (MemeFi Giveaway). Participants will be able to claim a reserved role in MemeFi Discord and an NFT making them subject to additional benefits.
  • New ByBit Users Campaign. 800 people who register on ByBit using the IguVerse link ( will receive 1 Elite ticket and 1 Royale ticket
  • 10k Votes Campaign. The first 100 people to vote for IguVerse with a maximum of 10,000 votes will receive 1 Elite and 1 Royale ticket
  • Early Votes Campaign. The first 1000 users to vote will receive 2 Elite tickets.

To receive these rewards, fill the forms in Step 5 AND provide your Discord username in them.

The rewards will be distributed only in case IGU wins the vote and is listed on ByBit.

Timeline & Guide

Vote & receive a chunk of a huge prize pool!

The more votes you have, the bigger the prize. Deposit $10k in funds for the maximum number of votes.

If you want to get even more prizes, register a ByBit account using the IguVerse link:

If you’re already a KYC’d ByBit user, go to step 3 👇

Step I. Sign-up.

Visit the Bybit website by clicking the IguVerse link:

Enter your email or phone number to create your account and set a strong password.

Confirm your email or phone by entering the verification code sent to you.

Step II. KYC.

To make sure your vote is counted, you need to complete the initial KYC verification on Bybit. The process is explained step-by-step on Bybit’s help page.

Step III: Deposit

Deposit within 7 days of registration

Don’t withdraw your funds until the winner is announced

These are the steps to successfuly deposit and qualify for voting:

  • After logging into your account, locate “Deposit” in the top right corner.
  • Choose the currency to add money to your account. For voting, select from USDT, USDC, BUSD, CUSD, USDD, or DAI.
  • Verify the deposit details shown.
  • Click “deposit” and copy the wallet address given.
  • Send your desired deposit amount (minimum $100 worth) to that copied address. The more you deposit, the better the reward. Deposit $10k for max reward.
  • Keep the funds deposited for at least 7 days to qualify. This is a key requirement.

Step IV: Vote

Snapshot: 23:59:59 UTC, Nov 22

Voting Starts: 3:00 AM UTC, Nov 23

Voting Ends: 3:00 AM UTC, Nov 24

No need to lock up assets to vote. Follow this simple voting process:

  • At 23:59:59 UTC on Nov 22, a snapshot is taken of your Spot, Earn, Funding, and Derivatives account balances. To vote, your assets must be in your account before this time.
  • Your number of votes equals your assets in Bybit at snapshot time.
  • Voting opens at 3 AM UTC on Nov 23 for 24 hours.
  • When voting begins, go to ByVotes and vote for IGU. You can allocate a maximum of 10,000 votes ($10,000) to IguVerse.

Step V: Submit a form

To show you qualify for the New Bybit Users Campaign and 10K Votes Campaign, fill out these forms:

Detailed Criteria

ByBit Users Campaign

  • Vote for IguVerse to claim a share of the prize pool. The reward depends on the number of votes, which, in turn, are equal to your deposit. Deposit $10k for max reward.

New ByBit Users Campaign

  • Use the link to sign up
  • Complete Identity Verification Level 1
  • Deposit at least $100 before the snapshot
  • Cast at least 100 votes for IguVerse
  • Submit the form with correct data
  • Keep funds deposited for at least 7 days

10k Votes Campaign

  • Be among the first 100 users to cast 10,000 votes for IguVerse
  • Submit the form with correct data

Early Votes Campaign

  • Be among the first 100 users to vote for IguVerse (at least 100 votes)
  • Submit the form with correct data, including ByBit UID, Discord username and Arbitrum wallet address


The rewards will be distributed within one month only in case IGU wins the ByVotes vote and is listed on ByBit.

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