Why I’m Switching From Python To NodeJS
Gavin Vickery

Some months late but, damn it, i’ll write my point of view about this transition. I’ve been a Node.js developer since last two months and I really enjoyed it. However, since last few months, I start to suffering myself the well know “JavaScript fatigue”. What it is? Well, what it’s name say by itself. You will need to work with JavaScript in both sides, all your days (or at least) you just see JavaScript because all your environment depends of it (Even the editor if you use Atom, Code, Brackets!) and all this scenario trends to “fatigue” you of writing JavaScript code.

Also, write “modern” JavaScript isn’t just pick an editor, write some ES6+ code using new specs like ES6 modules, async functions, etc., because is all these APIs are not supported natively in Node.js, for example, ES6 modules so, you ended up to mount your environment using transpilers like Babel and many of internal modules like presets, trasnformers, etc., just to convert your ES6+ code to ES5.

I’m quite tired of this, so, I did the oposite you did, I switched from Node.js to Python and my productivity literally explode. I pick a web framework, an ORM, a client framework like Vue.js or React, and I have something in a few hours. I think the problem with JavaScript ecosystem is due that things change so fast and radically, one day a library/framework hits the community, and another day a new lib/framework appears and all use it; there are so many libs/frameworks that you really don’t know what is the right one for your project, taking you to absolutly confusion.