I have always been fascinated about smart devices, most especially the different applications that brings the device to life. But I never really had the opportunity to learn and understand how mobile Apps work.

I always had this notion that it was something magical and you require some type of special ability to develop mobile applications. But this didn’t stop me from attending developers’ meetups, but I just had it at the back of my mind that this wasn’t possible for me at all.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not some type of dumb human being, I mean I have taken courses on Edx, Cousera etc. but I just didn’t feel this was possible for me.

Then one day I happen to come across an article on Medium (something about being a self-taught backend developer), I believe this began a change process in the way I thought, then there was this video on Youtube about a teenager that developed an Android App, that even Mark Zuckerberg was very impressed and invited him to intern at Facebook, and he has not even in college yet.

I thought to myself, this isn’t rocket science after all. Then one day I stumbled upon a post from Aniedi Udo-Obong talking about the Android Learners Community (ALC), I took the test for the beginners track and like they say, “the rest is history”.

So I got into the programme and did I struggle initially, the old me would have said you know what, this isn’t for me but seeing that I was not the only one on the boat, I told myself if they can learn it then I can. The Udacity course content was overwhelming initally, there was just too many things to learn at once (but thank God that I had some Java background), so although the concepts were coming quick and fast, they were not too new to me.

Then enter the slack channel, I couldn’t just keep up, but eventually I got a hang of it. After the first meetup at University of Lagos, my interest just picked up I was determined more than ever to complete the course and help others that were struggling with a concept I initially struggled with. Setting Android Studio up for the first time, WOW, what an experience, after I got it working with the help of ‘Google Search’, I just knew I could do this.

The course was all I did after work on weekdays and all day on weekends, with time It just came naturally and I started enjoying the course, but most especially I started feeling comfortable with Android. I do struggle with things here and there but the ALC experience has set me on a path and I believe the possibilities are endless.

I got the opportunity of going to the Andela office (Epic Towers), where all the cool stuff happens and boy what an experience. I met people that are doing amazing things, this could only spur me up to want to be part of the story here in Nigeria and probably Africa. There was a brief hackathon during the meetup but I got too anxious and never really finished even though I felt I should have and probably showed off my newly acquired skills,

Lesson from this is that don’t worry about if the coding challenge is hard or not, try and understand it first and trust the skills you’ve acquired and take on the challenge. All in all it has been some ride and I’m looking forward to many more experiences as I continue in this Android journey, there is still so much to learn and so many grounds to cover, so I’m out there “grinding” still.

I am also glad that there is now an Android Nigeria Community, a big shout out to Chimdi, Chioma and Solomon just to name a few guys in charge of ALC, you guys have no idea the kind of power you’ve made available for others to do amazing things with.

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