When a Predator runs for Public Office
Rylee Ann Schuhmacher

What strikes me, as a man, about all of this, is how I have never had to deal with the fear of sexual harassment or assault in any aspect of my life. The stories now coming out in the hundreds about women’s experiences in Hollywood, and this one about a woman’s experiences in politics, drives home how pervasive this is for women, no matter where they live, work, or just exist. It is so common that it is “normal”. So many women write that they just expected that this was the way things are and they just have to suck it up. This is so fucked. How will things change? I have no idea, but until the fact that men disproportionately have power over women in almost every institutional setting, be it the corporate world, party politics, government services, or even the home, changes, then this is going to continue to be a problem of men for women.

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