Na’Vi should grind their way to the top

Recent departure of Na’Vi coach Sergey “starix” Ischuk raised a lot of eyebrows in CS:GO community.
Seven months since blockbuster move involving s1mple Na’Vi roster failed to become consistent, fundamentally sound contender team. With every expert admitting unbelievably high skill ceiling of the team, lack of strong performances makes people think it’s time for a change. Maybe even a roster change? And to be honest, it’s seems like it’s time, especially keeping in mind how competitive scene is today. However, I’d like to make you think that keeping current 5-man core is correct decision by Ukrainian organization.

Young core is pure gold

After living in Guardian era current Na’Vi team should and will build around Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev.
The 19-years old beast is one of the hottest players in whole scene and one for decade player for CIS region. His ability to deliver superstar level performance on every day basis and keeping up under any type of pressure is perfect formula for carry player in your team. Na’Vi is lucky enough to have a 19-years old rifler Egor “flamie” Vasilyev who is without a doubt one of the best aimers and certainly can keep up with s1mple in terms of talent and skill. flamie can be your only star on a team and you would be good. But having him on the same roster with s1mple makes you too loaded. And here comes Denis “seized” Kostin. He is 22-years old and has already proven to be world-class support player and have shown ability to impact game in different to his peers ways but on the same high level. And now he is expanding his in-game knowledge to become leader. Nice combination to have. Don’t forget that despite young age each player experienced the highest levels of competition including finals of the major. Breaking up this trio cannot be justified. It’s CIS answer to Danish, Swedish and Brazilian superstar trios and you better have one in your team.

Of course comes up another question: What about Edward and Guardian? Should they be replaced?

Veterans are still too good

Despite all inconsistencies of Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács he is still world-class awper. And to replace him you better be 200% sure that new player can deliver. Ioann “Edward” Sukhariev has been consistently good or average but rarely great. He still can take over map and give your team good chance to win. And to be honest if Na’Vi play-style would not be so disjointed you wouldn’t have questions about veterans presence on the team.

After all, the main reason two of them should stay is who you can bring on board. Keeping your choices inside CIS region you can mention Adren & Hobbit from Gambit, Electronic & WorldEdit from FlipSid3, Mir & chopper from Vega Squadron or bondik from HR as impact players. But who can really become upgrade over Edward&Guardian? Keeping in mind who would really have chance to go to Na’Vi in terms of contracts, how much experience you have in current veterans and even some closed personal relationship in CIS scene you end up having not that much of a choice.

So what’s the reason to make a move? Just to change things up? I wouldn’t go for it. What did you say? In-game leader. Hmm… Team certainly needs one.

If you can’t find it — make it with your own hands

I would say current environment in CS:GO scene doesn’t help new IGL to appear on horizon. Almost every top IGL today comes from old days and we haven’t seen new young IGLs for quite a while. In CIS this results in consistent triangle Zeus-Blade-Angel, couple of coaches who send letters containing strong language to Valve 10 times a day and desert outside it. If Zeus don’t want to play with you, you don’t want to play with Blade and Angel wants to play with you in HR you are in bad place. You have no other choice but to develop your play style with one of your skilled players as IGL. And you should spend a lot of time on it. Like a lot. Because if it results in success, Na’Vi is ready to go for titles.

In conclusion, I’m certain that Ukrainian organization should keep changing all variables around team without changing it’s core before they either manage to become good or there comes no-pass opportunity that isn’t present today. Even though they currently can’t produce top level results, sky is the limit for this core in terms of potential and you can’t aim lower with Astralis, SK, VP, G2 and fnatic against you.

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