Kanye West performs a GOOD Music Rage Fest at FYF Fest

Kanye West — FYF Fest @ihate_chris

The lights go low. Legendary engineer Mike Dean appears. The crowd begins chanting lyrics to Forest Gump, which is a Frank Ocean song.

Frank Ocean was originally set to headline FYF until a few days earlier when he voluntarily opted out. A wall of high-beam lights lowers from he rafters and after the smoke brews throughout who better than Frank Ocean’s vocals to serenade the crowd with No Church In The Wild. It was quite a slap in the face to Frank since that would have been him if he stayed as headliner of Saturday.

Kanye seemed to be in a “more than friendly” mood on stage and it was clarified when he began to freestyle at the end of Runaway. “Are you as high as me?” “Shout out to Mike Dean. He do everything. He play the keys, guitar, everything. He even the weed man.”

Major highlights of the night were when Kanye pulled Rihanna out of the damn crowd to perform All Of The Lights with him. The crowd lost their shit btw. Rihanna was later brought out again for the ballad FourFiveSeconds.

Rihanna — All Of The Lights at FYF Fest @ihate_chris

A GOOD Music party isn’t a party until Travi$ Scott comes to rage it up! And that’s exactly what he did. High as hell yelling and screaming. “Kanye gave me his mic so the autotune is already right.” The younger less educated crowd moshed to Upper Echelon, but what had me stumped was nobody seemed to know much of his new single Antidote. Im not mad Travi$ showed up.

Travis Scott — Antidote at FYF Fest @ihate_chris

Kanye seemed to be on autopilot somewhat, so for him to change up his set list a bit is refreshing. As a final song Kanye West performs the song dedicated to his daughter North Only One. Longtime backup singer Tony Williams assisted as well. Such a great night and another successful solo dolo mission.

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