Tchami and the AfterLifeTour came to Hollywood

One of the all-time greatest things to happen this year in 2015 was French Dj Tchami announcing the AfterLife Tour. No other way seemed right to start the scariest month of the year off, then to go see Tchami live. Friday October 2 at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood was a bloodbath, metaphorically.

It is very rare when Tchami plays a set in Los Angeles. Normally if he chose California, it would be up north. If you’re lucky you would have already seen him this past year at one of the many festivals or Insomniac events. Insomniac is responsible for hosting almost all of the events in the EDM realm. The turnout at the Fonda in Hollywood was massive. Besides the entire floor being taken over by dance happy partiers, the whole mezzanine was filled with people sitting standing and dancing.

It may have been over-packed, extremely hot and random dancing bodies grinding up against you, but everyone had the same common goal; to experience the Afterlife Tour. Tchami’s hub was in the shape of a cathedral and he was the high priest and ironically enough this was considered the “Heaven and Hell” party. His latest single After Life was played 3–4 times throughout his set, each time a different remix. Common classics were “Untrue (Extended Mix)”, “Promesses” and “Shot Caller”.

Look forward to a full length project from Tchami sometime soon. Tchami as really only released singles and remixes so it will be interesting to see exactly what a finaly project will sound like. He seems to stay drawn towards singer Kaleem Taylor. Kaleem has appeared on his two most notable songs to date. The Tchami wave has arrived. You better catch it before it crashes over you. Search Tchami right now on any streaming service to experience a watered down AfterLife Tour.

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