Young Thug brings the Thugger Experience to Club Nokia

There is never a dull moment living in Hollywood. Tuesday October 13th was no exception. Future rap legend Young Thug and friends brought the Hy!£UN35 tour to Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles. What an experience it was. Even though Thug has been known to be gang affiliated, the show was rather mellow.

Los Angeles underground cool kids Ham On Everything opened the night with some tasty turn ups to jam to. Carnage made a special appearance too, which was a perfect additive to the Thugger Experience. The crowd was packed into the club, which has a maximum capacity of 7,100 mezzanine to floor. All songs performed were fan favorites. That meaning the fans were rapping in sync with Young Thug throughout the entire show.

Thug appeared from the smoke 20 minutes late. At 10:15 Young Thug gracefully stumbled onto the stage to perform “2 Cups Stuffed” with hype man. Almost immediately following that, Young Thug asked the crowd if he could bring out a friend of his. “Pretty Flacko Jodye 2" blares through the speakers and poof; ASAP Rocky and the ASAP MOB bring crowd energy up serious levels at that point. ASAP FERG even felt it was necessary to stage dive into the crowd.

Everyone was high off “energy” at this point so Young Thug used that to perform some classics off his Brick Squad and Rich Gang mixtapes. The spirit of Metro Boomin’ was summoned when The Blanguage played. Metro Boomin’ is unofficially producer of the year for his many accomplishments in 2014–2015. Watch “Stoner”, the song that got Young Thug on the rap mapThe Barter 6 project seemed like a joke earlier this year when it was announced. Even when it released it didn’t get much attention. Like wine, that project just got better with time. The crowd was strongest when performing cuts from Barter 6 like “Halftime” and “With That” featuring Duke.

Surprises didn’t stop after ASAP MOB. Another announcement from Young Thug and before he could say who, “Blase Blase” turns up and Ty Dolla Sign comes through. This is where the show got wild. If you have seen the music video you know that the punk influence is heavy. More water bottles sprayed into the crowd and semi stagediving. Ty even came down to pit area to wild out with fans. Jay 305 held it down on stage, looking happy as hell.

Young Thug ended his perfect show with the perfect song; “Best Friend”. It’s a beautiful thing when everybody in the building feeling similar vibes as you. Young Thug is a rare character in the hip-hop and rap industry. He seems to be veering off into his own lane of emo indie-punk rap. Thug’s new album, technically his debut studio album “Hy!£UN35" coming soon.