3 Ways to Make Income with Design

Turning our passion into a career. (https://unsplash.com/search/design?photo=wnShDP37vB4)

Turning a passion into a career

Here’s a little about me, I’m 21 currently going to school for a bachelor degree within Graphic and Web Design. Meaning I’m covering topics based on design but heavily focused on web design. Before enlisting into school I already had a small background within graphic design and my skills are growing every year, making this year the first year of working for a start up.

I read tons of medium articles, and watch a lot of YouTube videos so I’ve learned on how to grow my skills and then capitalize upon them.


1. Freelance

Freelancing has it’s in’s and out’s but I personally think it’s one of the easier ways to make money through design. Everyone needs some type of help and with a killer portfolio they’ll want you. “Well I don’t have a killer portfolio Micah”, well here’s an idea.

You can

A. Do design work for free.

B. Create random awesome work.

C. Follow YouTube tutorials and modify them for your own personal touch.

Don’t think there is any work out there or it’s impossible, almost every upcoming Twitch streamer or YouTuber needs channel graphics and they might not have the time for that. But you do :)

2. Passive Income

In my opinion this could be the hardest ways to make income through design but it’s nice because it’s passive.

Creating icon sets or vector characters on Graphic River you can create whatever you think many people will utilize over time. Personally I’ve never created anything to make passive income but I think that it could lead to calls from future employers if they like your work.

3. Employed.

This might be pretty hard if you’re still in school or under the age of 18, but a lot of freelancers consider this the less stress option because majority of the time you’ll have a project manager and someone to handle all of the finances. I’m currently within this option, and I personally love it since I’m in school and I don’t really have too much time to head out and look for clients.

But if you want to start a future of having an inbox full of job offers I suggest looking at keywords and job openings and seeing what skills they require and build yourself around that. Make yourself valuable.

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